Welcome to SAF/SP - Principal Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force for Space

The Principal Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force for Space (SAF/SP) provides the principal support to the Secretary of the Air Force (SECAF) on Air Force space matters and coordinates activities across the Air Force space enterprise.


HAF Mission Directive 1-17, dated 25 May 2018, established SAF/SP as part of the Headquarters Air Force Secretariat, and has overall responsibility for Air Force space policy, issue integration, and strategy for the Department of the Air Force.  The SAF/SP reports to SECAF, serves as an agent of the Secretary within assigned policy and program domains, and provides guidance, direction, and oversight for all matters pertaining to the formulation, review, and execution of plans, policies, programs, and budgets within his/her area of responsibility. The SAF/SP is accountable to SECAF for results achieved within the policy and program domains assigned by this Directive.

Duties and Responsibilities

SAF/SP is specifically responsible for:

• Advising the SECAF, Under Secretary, and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force on all space-related matters

• Serving as the focal point for space within the Headquarters Air Force (HAF), which includes coordinating functions and activities across the Air Force space enterprise and otherwise serving as the HAF official for space matters, to include planning, policy, strategy, international relations, space interagency relations and serving as the HAF primary interface for space matters to entities and organizations outside the Air Force to include the Office of the Secretary of Defense, other military departments, Congress, and industry

• Directing the Headquarters staff responsible for space policy, issue integration, and strategy

• Evaluating AF and other services' space architecture plans to identify overlaps and gaps against current and future threats

• Overseeing Air Force integration with the National Security Space Enterprise


Meaning of SAF/SP Logo

  • The red Phoenix symbolizes the history of the organization rising from previous iterations and a mission that never dies,
  • Air Force ultramarine blue lettering and Air Force yellow are the official USAF colors,
  • The yellow North Star (Polaris) represents our organization’s mandate to guide and advise,
  • The two yellow comets at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock are signs of things to come,
  • Circling the globe are two stylized launches, representing “S” for space, originating from the East and West Coasts,
  • The four red pillars stand for the four US space pillars: the Military; the Intelligence Community, the Civil Government; and Commercial Industry.

Our Leadership


Logo for the Principal Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force

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